Fral’s Heart Healthy Products

fran and alAl checked himself into the hospital due to shortness of breath. Three short days later, he was told that he needed to have a triple bypass or die!! He was told after his surgery to either make lifestyle changes or else. He chose life! Out of necessity, Fral’s Heart Healthy products were born. Al and his beloved wife, Fran, created a heart healthy cookbook and four fabulous heart healthy seasonings that would assist him, as well as others, in the heart healthy journey. The cookbook, “From Our Kitchen to Yours” is truly one-of-a-kind. It not only provides a delicious recipe, but also provides the breakdown of calories, fats, sugars, carbohydrates, etc. They also share helpful hints for healthy eating that they have discovered. Each and every recipe in this book has been tailored to the needs of being heart healthy and have been tasted by many of their friends, all of which gave their approval.


After the cookbook they realized there are not many healthy seasoning options, so they went to work creating their own. As of today, they have four seasonings available: BBQ, Everyday Cajun, Steak, and Taco. Sodium is not contained in any of these seasonings but feel free to add your own, if you desire.


King’s Olive Oil Company has been on this journey with Fran and Al since day 1. We are pleased to say that with our products, their creativity, and a tremendous amount of community support, Al has lost over 100 pounds and is healthier than ever.